Turn Off Your TV and Go Talk to Your Neighbors.

November 30, 2016



Do you find yourself 'hating' a particular group such as ethnic minorities or religions other than your own? If so, why? Was there a particular incident that lead to this hate?


Let's talk about the "news" media. 


Is it coincidental that #refugees are constantly in our media and that a #Somali-#Muslim refugee was the attacker at Ohio State? That a young Muslim woman recently competed in the Miss Minnesota pageant; and that a Muslim woman of Somali decent became Minnesota's first Somali Muslim representative? Interestingly, one of the largest Somali populations resides in Minnesota.


What is happening in this location? Why this ethic minority? Why the links to Minnesota? Is it to sow discord amongst yet another ethnic minority population? Minnesota borders Canada, North Dakota, South Dakota– some of the states where the Dakota Access Pipeline is planned for. It's possible this a complete coincidence– regardless we should be asking these questions.


Some of us show our pride in inclusivity of Muslims and ethnic minorities – while others are expressing rage at, and are frightened by, the influx of refugees and 'others' who look and live differently than what has historically been known as the white majority.


Mysterious "viruses" are popping up, so potential health scares further compound the urgency to stay indoors and not interact with others. Zombie- specific Movies and TV programming are, seemingly, everywhere. We are being attacked psychologically, mostly, but also spiritually, socially, and every other way that matters. We can make the choice to actively ignore the propaganda.


Our country is changing; for some, change is a kind of 'death', as it represents a new path, heading into the unknown- which, understandably, frightens many. How we handle this fear, how we conduct ourselves, is what will help determine our trajectory as a nation.


I now spend as little time as possible watching the "news"- much of which is computer generated garbage, careful editing, and ambiguous statements from unknown individuals designed to make us anxious and fearful. I've witnessed so-called "riots" actually shown on major news channels as "thousands" of protestors, when there were only 15-20 in real life. Yes, folks, I have seen this first hand in a few countries. So I will be traveling across the USA getting to know various faiths and cultures that I've never before experienced– some of which, may make me a little uncomfortable, but they don't call it "growing pains" for nothing. And I won't allow my fear– or perceived fear– of the unknown hold me back from getting to know other people and cultures who have so much to teach and share.


If I am fearful of others, of whom I have no first hand knowledge, I am being manipulated. And I, for one, will not allow that to happen.


E Pluribus Unum.

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