a social entrepreneur.    



Over the years she's managed government, corporate and personal brands, enhancing their media/digital imprint and ensuring they were aesthetically compelling and visually consistent.

Cynthia has also volunteered in numerous communities around the world - including as a court appointed child advocate in the USA and international humanitarian aid relief efforts. Now she has taken her passion for world travel and helping others and directed it into documentary film making.


Her college studies included pre-law, mass communications; she has a Master of Education with additional graduate-level training in conflict resolution, psychology and strategic public relations. She is a credentialed mediator, and an Associate Member of the American Bar Association, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section. Cynthia is owner of A Different Lens Productions, LLC. And, once upon a time, went along with Porsche for an adventure ride to The Roof Of The World to challenge 'Preconceptions'.

Cynthia believes immersive travel is the best education available. A world traveler, she has lived in America, Australia, Japan (where she became a credentialed Kikisake-shi sake sommelier) and Pakistan.



“As Cynthia Ritchie's former Director, I can say that she produces superior, technically adept and insightful work. More importantly, her character projects enthusiasm and willingness to work independently or with a team to accurately produce desired results. She is popular with her peers and known for selfless contributions to common goals. I have no doubt that she will succeed in whatever pursuit she chooses."


        -Deputy Director Alex Van Keuren, City of Houston 





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